March 7: Standing in the Tension Point

In our first episode of season 2, Sisters Erin and Colleen interview Maka Black Elk, Executive Director for Truth and Healing at Red Cloud Indian School,  a former Indian boarding school, about the difficult history of these boarding schools, the work he is doing in truth and healing, and his Catholic Faith. Erin and Colleen also talk about social media, Tik Tok, and building community online. Listen today!


December 30: Bonus Episode: Who Are These People?

Who are Sister Erin McDonald and Sister Colleen Gibson? And who are the Sisters of St. Joseph? In this mini episode, we learn more about our hosts and the sisters they are a part of, and answer some common questions our hosts are asked. Find out more about the sisters of St. Joseph at the U.S. Federation of the Sisters of St. Joseph. You can also find out about Sister Erin’s congregation here and Sister Colleen’s congregation here.

December 14: Episode 5: When You Can’t Do Everything, Do Something

This week we speak with Anna Johnson and Tere Flores Onofre,  both from the Laudato Si’ Movement, about what the movement is, and what it means to care for all creation. We also talk about the recent film, The Letter, and ways we all can reconnect with the Earth. Sister Thuy Tran from the Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange joins us to unpack the episode.

November 22: Episode 2: Lightning in a Bottle

In part two of our interview with Sister Helen Prejean, we talk about the vows, especially the vow of chastity, as well as Sister Helen’s upcoming plans. We also ask a series of lightning round questions, where Sister Helen keeps us on our toes. Finally, we unpack the episode along with guest Sister Sarah Simmons.