November 15: Episode 1: Sneaky Jesus

In our first episode, Sisters Erin and Colleen interview Sister Helen Prejean, renowned anti-death penalty activist, about sisterhood and her work. Learn more about Sister Helen and listen today!

I'll Pray On It Beyond the Habit

 In this episode we speak with Mary Novak, Executive Director of NETWORK Lobby for Catholic Social Justice, about her experiences working in social justice in DC, the difficulties of being a woman in the church, and the importance of community. 
  1. I'll Pray On It
  2. Lightning in a Bottle
  3. Sneaky Jesus
  4. Coming Soon: Beyond the Habit!

16 thoughts on “November 15: Episode 1: Sneaky Jesus

  1. On this cold gloomy early morning in Detroit, Helen relit a fire in my belly. Yhank you, Helen. Thank you Erin and Colleen.


  2. Great!! Using this social medium to energize our spirituality, the gospel message is so vital to those seeking support and community in making the daily grind a sacrament to those we meet. THANK YOU.


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